She was born on 25.03.2019 in Slovakia in Tusani Junior FCI registered breeding, owned by Monika Tusanova and Richard Tusan. It is a very good breeding with more than 20 years of experience.

Father: Giacobbe Akono z Vladstejnskych lip
Mother: Tusani Zimba Boo

Rozee is a very nice, calm female dog, without any signs of aggression. From the very beginning she was distinguished by her courage and great boldness both towards other animals and people. She lives with us at home, where she knows her place perfectly. She behaves very well on walks, in the city or in a restaurant. He enjoys bike trips, mountain trips and most of all walks with other dogs. We spend vacations together. He quickly gets used to new places. Water is not her favorite place, she prefers to sunbathe.

She is dignified and very intelligent, friendly with a wonderful character, when she does something she always does it at 300%. She can quickly make new friends.

Maybe it’s a matter of where she lives, but she doesn’t react to firecrackers, storms or shooting (we live quite close to military training camp).

When we took her from the breeding she was already on the BARF diet. And so it stayed until today. Thanks to that she doesn’t fall ill and has no problems with allergies.

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