Choosing a dog that would be suitable and meet our requirements was very difficult. It was important for us that the dog was healthy, with impeccable character, conformed to the breed standard and already had offspring. From the beginning, our goal was to keep a female from this litter in our kennel. Therefore it was not an easy decision for us.

I asked for help and recommendation to Monika Tusanowa (the owner of the kennel where Rozee was born). I can always count on her and I get a lot of support from her. She recommended me a dog that comes from her kennel – Tusani X-CaliburRR. He is a wonderful dog who is a perfect match for Rozee. I am sure she is the best choice.

Zapowiedz miotu Dudi Rozee

24.02.2022 birtday

8 healthy puppies were born (3 girls and 5 boys). During the birth, she cleaned and dried each puppy on her own. She is an affectionate and exemplary mother, she feeds them all the time and looks after the little ones.